Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Riding the Rhine - some more photos from the trip

I wasn't particularly good at taking photo's on the trip.

I started out with enthusiasm - but long days and distances often provided a powerful dis-incentive for stopping, unfurling dry bags to get at the camera - or anything much else that would have impeded progress.
If I do another trip like this I will definitely take some kind of bar bag to make access to essential items (phone, camera, wallet, haribo) a little easier.

The road through Decentis, looking back at the mountains where I had decended from the top of the Oberalp Pass.
More views heading down the valley from the Oberalp Pass.

Chur City Centre. Very Swiss.

Rorschach Harbour. I sat here outside a Thai restaurant watching fireworks on Swiss National / Yorkshire Day. 
At the time I did not realise I was in Konstanz in Germany.

On the way from Kreuzlingen and Konstanz down the top-most section of the Rhine to Shaffhausen. This was probably the prettiest section of the river.

Old building in Shaffhausen. Don't know what it was.

Basel old town

Mending a puncture on the road I should not have ridden in France.

Catching the ferry to the opposite bank, on the evening I ended up cycling through woodland to reach Goddelau.

Best lunch menu, in Mainz. Might be why I broke a spoke straight afterwards.

View accross the Rhine on the run up to Koblenz.

German Corner in Koblenz where the Mosel joins the Rhine.

Mel would have been amused by this.

Breakfast in Koln.

Koln Cathedral and the tower I climbed on my 'day off''.

The bridge over the Rhine between Kleve and Emmerich. Little did I know I would be coming back the same way within an hour.

The main square in Nijmegen, which was full of Saturday night revellers when I cycled through the first time just after midnight when I was desperate for a hotel room.

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